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How to Switch My Phone on AT&T?

AT&T is among the largest phone service providers in the US and being a large mobile carrier, it holds a vast consumer base across the nation. The company is well-known in providing different types of services including Internet, cable TV, phone and more. Further, AT&T provides a wide range of offers and deals for different phones. Consumers can choose to buy new phones or switch their existing AT&T phone with a new one. So, not only users get a choice to have a new AT&T phone with all new exciting features and offers, but also can switch their exchange their old phones with a new one with amazing deals.


When you don't want to keep your old AT&T phone any longer for any reason like technical issues, personal preferences, phone is outdated, or even when you don't want a newer model, then you will think about switching to a different phone. AT&T provide two basic choices for this depending on the length of the contract remaining on the mobile phone. These choices include: buy a new phone or upgrade to a new phone. So, you can choose between these two options depending on how you can switch your AT&T phone according to your contract.


Step 1:


Either visit your AT&T account online or go to an AT&T support store to talk to a representative. Before attempting to switch to a new phone, first you need to determine whether you can upgrade your current phone by checking its eligibility. You can save some money by upgrading your existing phone, because with this option, you can get a phone at lower cost and also avail any promotions and deals. According to information on AT&T's website, upgrades are provided every 20 months.


Step 2:

Get a brand-new phone. When you choose to upgrade the existing phone, it not only allows you to get discounts but also let you have your current phone number automatically with the new phone. In case there is no upgrade available, you can buy a phone that you want. Also, after informing the representative, you can keep the old phone number.


Step 3:


Insert your SIM card into the slot on your new phone if is required. While you may need to transfer your SIM card to the new phone, some phones also require a new SIM card to get the service. Store representative will let you know if you can insert the old SIM card in your new phone. Usually, this option is available when buy a new phone to switch your old phone instead of upgrading it.


Step 4:


After inserting SIM card if it requires, now activate your phone. An AT&T phone is activated when it is purchased or upgraded. The in-store representatives help you activate the phone. In case you haven't visited a store to buy the phone and bought it online, you will need to get help from AT&T reps to activate the phone. So, call ATT customer reps for help to activate your phone.

In case you are still not able to activate your phone or resolve any other technical glitches with the phone, you can seek assistance from certified tech professionals via customer service phone number for AT&T []. With the help of AT&T cell phone customer service, you can get immediate solutions to your AT&T phone issues. You can contact our tech professionals anytime because they are available 24/7 and get help for resolving your issues.


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